Hi girls in this first opportunity want to talk about something very essential in makeup and cleaning up our brushes as this will influence the implementation and the final finishing of our makeup. Take your brushes and immerse them in a container preferably desmaquillante your favorite brand.

If you do not own one you can wash them with shampoo, performs the same procedicmiento take a bowl and add 80% water and 20% there about two hours and then remove them with water Leave them water.

To dry the you can leave in the sun near your window. If you need to use them immediately can use a dryer (or hair dryer) and place the air with the direction of the hairs of the brush so that it is not uncombed and do not lose shape, otherwise ended deform and not work so well.

Make sure that they are very dry and we do not want your makeup products mix and a paste is created and left a bad finish. I hope this short article you work, do not forget to share it and if you have any suggestions let me know.

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